About: American Senior Benefits Traverse City MI

American Senior Benefits, LLC, of Traverse City, Michigan, offers seniors 55 and over a complete portfolio of insurance products backed by some of the most respected names in the insurance industry. The Traverse City Office is an Award-Winning “Winner’s Circle” office for stellar performance and service of it’s clients.

Traverse City’s American Senior Benefits staff includes a number of highly qualified professionals with diverse backgrounds. Regional President Shannon Nelson provides coverage of the upper Northern Michigan territory. Mr. Nelson has 22 years of experience in the insurance industry, and has recently been recognized for winning an award for Executive of the Year. Shannon Nelson is an Advisory Committee Member for American Senior Benefits, and is recognized as a top executive in the industry.

Other senior staff for Traverse City’s American Senior Benefits includes Senior Partners Kelly Dachtler, and John Blanck. Ms. Dachtler has more than five years’ experience serving as Senior Financial Advisor and Sales Associate with American Senior Benefits. Her qualifications include being an experienced insurance agent and Certified Long Term Care consultant. She has the expertise to assist the Traverse City American Senior Benefits clients with all their retirement planning needs. Senior Partner John Blanck has served as a part of the insurance and financial services industry for the last eight years. As a Senior Partner, Associate, and Financial Advisor for American Senior Benefits since 2011, he brings to the table the ability to support clients with all areas of their insurance and financial needs.

Regional Vice President Ryan Kashmerick has 10 years experience in the insurance business. Mr. Kashmerick entered the senior insurance market in 2004 as an Agent but quickly worked his way up the corporate ladder at American Senior Benefits, ultimately leading a 35-member team of agents. Ryan Kashmerick has been named the Traverse City office’s Executive Manager of the Year five times. Specializing in long-term care, Joe Michalec moved to Traverse City in 2008 and joined American Senior Benefits.

Sara Hornick followed in her father’s footsteps in working with the elderly when she joined American Senior Benefits to assist aging retirees plan for their financial future. While working at American Senior Benefits Mrs. Hornick enjoys helping older citizens just entering retirement to navigate the complexities of issues they will face as they change their lifestyle.

American Senior Benefits has an office in Traverse City, Michigan.  Information on the nationally recognized insurance provider can be found at AmericanSeniorBenefits.com.


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